Yu Luosheng this guy did not, did not see the blood eagle with him when they were almost hanged. When others were stepping on the world’s top players, Bai Feng did not know where he was beaten by the pupils. After the recent contact with the e-sports circle, she knew that Bai Feng’s popularity was so high that she was looking forward to the match between Yu Luosheng and Bai Feng. Suppose. What if our big fighting eagle blows up the white wind? Isn’t it a slap in the face for them to come up with such a pre-match interview? And, the ad of white wind is shaken so, this is to want to set off how huge billows on the network! Li Meiqi can’t wait. No way, this period of time ln by the eyes, ridicule is too much, really need Yu Luosheng this kind of outbreak to break all the ridiculous public opinion, but also need such a victory to let l someone feel proud and elated. “Brother, where have you been? I haven’t seen you at school all day.” On the other end of the phone came Yu Yu’s insolent voice. This dead girl, in front of others on a quiet, clever look, in front of Yu Luosheng is a complete little devil, that tone is simply commanding her favorite toy. I’m busy with something, so I won’t talk to you first. Yu Luosheng said. It’s a lie. Your counselors have called home to complain that you often skip classes and stay out at night. Yu Yu said. All right,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, all right, I really have something to do, you help me explain to my parents. “Explain it to Dad yourself.” Yu Luosheng was just about to speak when Yu Yu pressed the phone, looking very angry. Yu Luosheng also did not care, Yu unexpectedly in a million miles, he wants to manage at most also scold oneself a few words, harmless. Yu Luosheng will play one or two games this time,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and then he will give it to Xiao Bei. There is no reason for his family to be aware of playing one or two games. The third show of lnr starts at 8 p.m. It has to be said that the popularity of the Apocalypse Team is amazing. Before the game started, tens of thousands of people were waiting there on the live channel. Yu Luosheng will not think that they are directed at themselves, the influence of the white wind this popularity should be considered normal. With the start of the game, the popularity will continue to rise. Welcome to our LPL battlefield. I am today’s commentary miracle. “I am Qiqiao.” “Qiqiao, I remember that the game of lnfpl was explained by you, so you should know more about this team. Do you think lnh is also in that curse?” Said the commentary miracle. Miracle is also an official commentator, who is good at guiding topics, and never feels bored when he is there, even at halftime and pause time. Curse? Don’t use this kind of language that the audience can’t understand. Qiqiao laughed and opened his mouth to explain, “It’s like this. According to the statistics of our data clerk, the three teams of the top four teams have all played against the top four teams, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, Taichen Changkong, Feixing 71 and Dusk Hell. In these three matches, the last four teams have not won a single point.”. Remember in the last session of the LPL, the strongest four teams, although there is no solution, but there will not be after the top four teams played zero points… “” “This curse, has been spread in the forum, if the ln team in the face of the apocalypse team is not winning, then congratulations to them into the curse circle.”. Well, I shouldn’t be so prejudiced, or sincerely wish the new ln team can break this strange circle, well, well, if lnr will not be blown up on the way.. Miracle said with extreme underbelly. Chapter 146 of the first volume of the main text, who was blown up by whom? “Don’t be like this, I am strong, especially their way down.”. Mianhuatang. CC that Xiao Bei has made remarkable progress in every competition. It can be seen that his personal strength is very strong and it is impossible to be blown up. Qiqiao said. The commentary of the two partners is more casual, like chatting. And this kind of commentary style is deeply loved by the audience, especially the miracle of classic fault-finding and brainless underbelly. Qiqiao, as a female commentator, always tries to help those who have been blackened save some face and form a harmony between Yin and Yang.
“Well, the contestants are on the stage.” What’s going on? I have the impression that lnrad should be a pupil. Oh, little boy, how do you feel the replacement? The commentary found something surprising. It’s really a change. Our director doesn’t seem to have given him a positive shot. I don’t know who it is for the time being. Qiqiao looked at the silhouette of the man and suddenly felt so familiar. It’s rare to change players temporarily. Could it be that they are using Tian Ji’s horse racing tactics? But the problem is that other people’s ADC has always been the white wind. Said the miracle. His words immediately triggered a burst of laughter at the scene. Everyone knows that when Tian Ji races Mali, Tian Ji lets the worst horse race with the enemy’s best horse, losing one game first, and then winning two games in a row by taking advantage of the difference between good and bad. People who think a little faster will know that this damn miracle is complaining about lnj’s temporary replacement of ADC. On the other hand, the temporary replacement of ad is really too abrupt, a team of five people, the transformation is a very hurtful thing. Moreover, after the first two games, Xiao Bei showed the strength has let him gather to a certain popularity, many people are looking forward to the new ADC and white wind of the confrontation will be how, the result of the inexplicable change of an ad enthusiasm immediately cooled most. My grass is the fighting eagle. In front of the computer, Qin Guangwang, who was eating noodles and watching the video game, almost sprayed out and stared at the screen with a surprised face. (WwW. Mianhua Tang. CC without pop-up ads) “Fighting eagles?”? He’s on? Coach Huang Kang was also stupefied and went to Qin Guangwang’s computer. All the people in the underworld team quickly put down and gathered together, including the King of Hell. It’s really him. “*** me,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, this guy can’t stand it.” “The fight between the eagle and the white wind is beautiful.” “Miracle that guy is still in the Black Eagle, is he going to be hit in the face?” “I feel like he’s asking for it.” The underworld assault team nodded one after another, smiling to see the expression of a miracle to be hit in the face. Shanghai University Community.

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