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A woman with a big belly was squatting there on fire. She carried a child on her back, and three stood beside her, all of them with vegetable faces, but she herself looked more haggard and old like an old woman. Ye Kai sighed in the dark-why is it that the poorer the family is, the more children there are? Is it because they can’t afford to light a lamp at night and have nothing else to do? In any case, it seems to be an invariable law that the poorer people are, the more children they have, and the more children they have, the poorer they are. Ye Kai suddenly felt that this was a very serious problem, but he could not think of any way to let others have fewer children. But he believed that there was always a way to solve the problem in the future. Not far ahead, you can see the dilapidated Guandi Temple. The incense in the temple was not flourishing, and even the gold lacquer on the statue of Guandi had peeled off. The gate also collapsed, and the coffins were piled up in the yard, which was not big, so the coffins could only be stacked up. The God’s table in the temple is still intact, and if someone sleeps on it, it will not collapse. Because there’s someone sleeping on it right now. A pale man, holding a dark knife tightly in his hand,plastic pallet suppliers, was staring at Ye Kai with a pair of shining eyes. Ye Kai smiled. Fu Hongxue, however, did not smile. She stared at him coldly and said, “I said, you go your way and I’ll go mine.” “I’ve heard you say that,” said Ye Kai. “Why are you looking for me again?” Asked Fu Hongxue. “Who gave birth?” Asked Ye Kai. “I’m here to see you.” “Me,” said Fu Hongxue. Ye Kai smiled again. “There are only two people in this place,plastic bulk containers,” said Fu Hongxue. “One is alive and the other is wooden. You’re not looking for a wooden man.” “Are you talking about Master Guan?” Asked Ye Kai. “I only know he’s a wooden man,” said Fu Hongxue. Ye Kai sighed and said, “I know you never respect others, but at least you should respect him.” “Why?” Asked Fu Hongxue. “Because …” said Ye Kai. Because he has become a God. Fu Hongxue sneered, “He is your God, not mine.” “Ye Kai said,” You never believe in God? ” Fu Hongxue said, “I don’t believe in this kind of person, and I can’t think of anything he has done that deserves my respect.” “At least he wasn’t bribed by Cao Cao,” said Ye Kai. “At least he didn’t betray his friends.” “There are many people who haven’t betrayed their friends,” said Fu Hongxue. “But you should know..” said Ye Kai. Fu Hongxue interrupted him and said coldly, “I only know that if it hadn’t been for his arrogance, Shu Han wouldn’t have died so quickly.” Ye Kai sighed and said, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet price, “I also know why you don’t respect him.” “Oh?” Asked Fu Hongxue. 。 “Because others respect him,” said Ye Kai. “Whatever you do, you must be different from others.” Fu Hongxue suddenly turned over and swept up and walked out slowly. “Are you leaving now?” Asked Ye Kai. 。 Fu Hongxue said coldly, “The vulgarity here is too heavy. I really can’t stand it.” Ye Kai sighed, “If a person wants to live in this world, sometimes he has to be a little vulgar.” “That’s what you think,” said Fu Hongxue. “Whatever you think has nothing to do with me.” “What do you think?” Asked Ye Kai. “That has nothing to do with you,” said Fu Hongxue. “Aren’t you going to live in this world?” Asked Ye Kai. “I have never lived in your world,” said Fu Hongxue. He didn’t look back. Ye Kai could not see his face, but saw his hand holding the knife suddenly clenched more tightly. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he could not break the pain in his heart. Ye Kai looked at him and said slowly, “No matter what you think, one day, you will still come to this world, because you still have to live, and you have to live.” Fu Hongxue seemed unable to hear these words. His left leg took a step first, followed by his stiff right leg. Ye Kai looked at his legs, and his eyes suddenly showed a look of anxiety. Even though his sword is faster than Lu Xiaojia’s, this leg. Fu Hongxue has walked out of the yard. Ye Kai did not keep him, nor did he mention Lu Xiaojia. Lu Xiaojia still has at least two or three hours to come, and he doesn’t want Fu Hongxue to be nervous from now until sunset. He came here to warn Fu Hongxue. He did it for the coffin in the yard.
The coffin was brand new and brightly painted, but now it has been damaged in many places, and some of it has even been burned. It was not Zhao Da’s sudden whim. I’m afraid these coffins had been burned up by the fire. Maybe the person who set the fire had planned to burn these coffins. Ye Kai picked up a handful of stones, sat on the stone steps, and threw the stones onto the coffin one by one. When the stone hit the coffin, it made a “thump” sound. The coffin is empty. But when he threw the eighth stone on the coffin, the sound changed. This coffin doesn’t seem to be empty. What’s in the coffin? Although there are many empty coffins, there are several coffins that are not empty. Ye Kai, with a very strange expression on his face, raced over to move the coffins out. Why did he suddenly become interested in empty coffins? Opening the lid of the coffin, it was not empty. There is a dead man in the coffin village. Besides the dead, what else will there be in the coffin village? It is not surprising that there are dead people in the coffin village. But the dead man was Zhang Honest, who had been talking to him just now. He lay quietly in the coffin, and the oil apron on his body was finally taken off. The honest man, who had worked hard all his life, was now at rest. But how could he be lying in the coffin village when he was still in town and wearing the oil apron? Strangely enough, Chen Daguang, Ding Laosi, Boss Song, and shopkeeper Hu of the street food store were all in the coffin village. These people were all in the town just now. How could they all die here all of a sudden? When did you die? Touching their chests,drum spill pallet, each of them was cold and stiff, and had been dead for at least ten hours. They have been dead for about ten hours. If they had been dead for ten hours, who were the people who had just talked to Ye Kai in the town.

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