Psychometric tests

Employers use psychometric tests to determine if you are the right fit. A perfect CV and an interview gone well are just a step to securing a job. Psychometric testing provides a prediction of how your knowledge, skills, abilities and personality will fit into the role being hired for.

Psychometric tests can be in different areas

1 Aptitude tests that assess potential in a target area, seeking to discover possible future capability. These tests consist of: Numerical tests and Verbal reasoning tests.

2. Personality tests designed to reveal aspects of an individual’s character, psychological makeup or emotional status. They relate to the aspect of your personality which are relevant to the workplace.

Sunlit Centre Kenya has partnered with one of the World’s leading providers of Psychometric tests to administer and provide the final results of the test to a candidate or company.

Psychometric test cost

Aptitude/ Numerical/ Professional Personality Tests

Payment can be done to Sunlit Centre Kenya through their Mpesa buy good number (available upon request).

Sunlit Centre Kenya oversees the process of you taking the psychometric test while guiding you. The test takes about 30 to 45 Minutes.

How it works

Contact with your interest to do the tests

• Pay through Mpesa and the test link is sent to you via email. Do the test and after completion, you submit the link again and a response with the test results is sent back to you within 6 hours.

For more details send us an email to