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5 Jul 2017

Sure Ways Of Identifying A Job Scam

Sunlit Centre Kenya – Posted by Sunlit Centre Kenya Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya

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The rate of unemployment in Kenya is very high with close to 50% of eligible candidates for jobs remaining unemployed. That said, we know that many of you are desperate to get a job in order to earn a living and survive.

But it is also crucial that you remain sober and alert so as not to fall for a scam. That said, here are 7 ways of identifying a job scam.

Let’s look at 7 great ways to identify a job scam

1.The ‘employers’ always ask for money

Isn’t it strange for an employer to ask you to pay them to give you a job? Being asked to pay some money, as little as Kshs.1,000 is questionable.

Never pay money up front to an employer.*

No genuine employer will ask you for money to get hired. Most of those who do should be suspects of job scamming.

2.They ask you for your valuables

As I mentioned earlier, I fell for a job scam years ago. The advertiser of this job invited me for an interview and asked me to carry my laptop, for him to install a software, that was needed for the job. (It was a data entry job).

In very rare occasions will an employer invite you for an interview asking you to carry your laptop. Unless the interview includes a power point presentation. But even then, it’s important that you do your research on this company to ensure that it’s a genuine company.

3.The process of getting the job is full of twists and turns.

First, they tell you to meet them at a particular place. As soon as you arrive and call them, they make you travel to a different location.

In my case, the scammer had told me he worked for DHL Company and he needed help with data entry. I was to meet him at the DHL Offices. On the day of the interview, however, he said that he had left for lunch, and suggested that I meet him at the restaurant he was having lunch.

Scammers keep changing stories. You can tell by how they handle the process unprofessionally.

If you come across a case where instructions keep changing, it’s a clear indicator of a job scam.

4.The location of the interview

Hotels, a small room with a desk a chair,  a few files or a house are not standard locations for any legitimate interview in Kenya.

Very few scammers have decent offices or any at all.

5.The job description and the salary does not match

The job might read “no experience required” which is not necessarily bad, but then the salary indicated is 70K or 100K.

When the deal is too good, think twice.

6. Opportunity to work from home jobs

Scammers know that work from home jobs such as online writing are very common and the preferred choice for some, and they target people looking to work from home.

Beware then, of jobs that offer you an opportunity to work from home. Ideally, in the Kenyan job market, only CEO’s have the privilege of dashing home or opting to work from home one day of the week.

That said, most work from home jobs should be put under careful scrutiny.

7.Too many job responsibilities for a very junior role

Have you come across a job that had too many responsibilities for a simple sales job? That could be a scam.

Scammers always want to appear professional and legit, by posting job ads that look standard, but often go overboard with the responsibilities.

Lastly, most scammers don’t have websites and even if they do, those websites don’t look professional and the information on the website is not coherent, in that is it’s not logically connected.

There you have it. Hope you learned a thing or two about job scams and how to identify them. What has been your experience with job scams?


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