can also resist the cold weather, play a certain effect of warmth, but also has a certain sense of beauty. Women in the choice of stockings, to choose according to their skin color, too black or too white stockings are unreasonable, there is no certain beauty, collocation will be more weird. It should also be suitable for thickness, not too thin, too thin without a certain thermal effect. Also cannot too thick, too thick meeting is overstaffed, resemble very cotton pants, do not have certain wear aesthetic feeling. Silk stockings can be bought in a nearby physical store, but also look at the Dog clothing Plus Size fashion Kitchen Tools Cheap Corset Bustier tops maternity dresses color and texture of the object, avoid online purchase, can not see the specific color and texture, back and forth change is also more troublesome.
Bare leg magic is size, if it is thin legs sister to wear, I believe that is generally very good-looking

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