The diameter of the water column is several meters, shining a little silver in the sunshine, as fast as running thunder, like a silver dragon roaring past, suddenly came to the front of Chen Feng. Chen Feng perceived the power contained in the water column, almost without thinking, his hands became imprints, facing the void, blue ice crystals mixed with golden aura suddenly came out, forming a golden blue shield in front of Chen Feng, which protected Chen Feng. The water column was surging and sparkling, and in an instant it hit the golden blue shield with a dull sound. The golden blue shield shook violently, and the hot temperature quickly evaporated the water column in front of him, but a water column did not evaporate cleanly. Master Fei in the distance folded the fan again, and the water columns suddenly appeared in his hands, like silver dragons hitting Chen Feng. Chen Feng looked at Fei young master action, in the heart frightened, a water column has let oneself spend some means to evaporate, if count to the water column neat, oneself must fall a shield to die. Thinking of this, Chen Feng did not dare to delay, his eyes closed tightly in the shield, while his hands dancing in the air into a virtual shadow, a vast spiritual pressure on Chen Feng suddenly came out, shooting in all directions. With the appearance of spiritual pressure, the rocks and veins within a radius of several miles were sensed, and even the hills at his feet began to vibrate unceasingly. After a moment,manganese beneficiation plant, Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly opened, and a small golden mark was struck on his hand, which immediately turned into a golden awn and disappeared. Jin Mang disappeared, the spirit of heaven and earth shook, and Master Fei in the distance felt only a meal. The blue sky around him disappeared in an instant, replaced by a dark nothingness, which trapped him in it. Is this the strange formation in the rumor? Fei young master disdained cold hum, through the test just now, he still has full confidence in the heart, Chen Fengxiu is good,coltan ore processing, known as the head of the young Junjie in the western regions is not too much, but even so, compared with their own is also a lot of difference, he is completely sure to defeat Chen Feng. Master Fei disappeared, but in his hands shot out of the water column but there are several rushed to Chen Feng, Chen Feng looked at the roaring water column, frowning tightly together, then the golden spirit on the feet, the whole person into a shadow, intended to avoid the water column. But Chen Feng’s figure just moved, the water column seems to have a sense, have turned around to continue to hit Chen Feng, Chen Feng slightly Leng, the body suddenly turned into several figures, flying out in all directions, but the water column can still distinguish which is the real Chen Feng, completely ignoring other phantoms. Shit, what a change. State !” Chen Feng could not help but scold in a low voice, knowing that it was impossible to escape, Portable gold trommel ,chrome washing machine, but under helplessness, he could only run the golden aura on his body, turn into a number of white ice, and hit the water column. Boom! The water column collided with the white ice, and the powerful aura came out in all directions, forming a white wave of air, sweeping away. With a snort, Chen Feng retreated several steps in the air before stopping. Master Fei’s aura was much stronger than his own. Although he scattered the remaining water columns, he fell completely into the downwind and consumed a lot of his own aura. In the darkness of nothingness, thousands of red fire wheels rotated rapidly, and fire dragons flew out of the huge wheel, baring their teeth and claws and rushing towards Master Fei. Master Fei stood in the void and looked at the galloping fire dragon in the distance. He frowned slightly and could not help murmuring: “It seems that this array is not as overbearing as the rumor.” As he spoke, the folding fan in Master Fei’s hand connected to the void, and a pale blue curtain of water appeared in front of him, colliding with the fire dragon flying in front of him. Hiss! Black smoke rose fiercely, and at the moment when the fire dragon hit the water curtain, it was extinguished, and it did not even bring the slightest ripple on the water curtain. This is like a child’s play array also dare to come out to make a fool of himself! What a bummer! Master Fei shook his head, his eyes full of disappointment, and then he clapped his hands in the air and said in a deep voice. Water light wave! The voice, like a thunderclap, suddenly exploded in the dark nothingness, and immediately a white light suddenly appeared in front of Master Fei. After the light appeared, it turned into a pale blue wave and spread in all directions.
The speed of the waves was extremely fast, and the pressure brought by the waves was even more amazing. In an instant, thousands of red fire wheels broke one after another, leaving only a pale blue color in the whole void. Uh Light blue light gradually disappeared, but the space once again restored a dark color, Master Fei could not help but slightly stupefied: “Is the array not over?” While Master Fei was pondering, the sound of whirring suddenly rose, as if a breeze suddenly blew up in the dark nothingness, which made people feel a little nervous. The figure stood in the void, slowly turning, and Master Fei’s face showed no fear, but he was a little interested in the array. Whew. The wind is getting more and more dense, and several white spots of light are looming in the distance, adding a sense of mystery to the nothingness. The corners of his mouth raised a smile, his hands gently behind his back, waiting for the opening of the array. White spots of light gathered more and more in the distance, slowly linked into a line, the temperature in the air rose in an instant, rolling heat waves came, even in the blue light curtain of Master Fei can not help but sigh. Good overbearing heat, is this the kind of ice that Chen Feng used just now? As he spoke, the white line in the distance had turned into layers of ice waves coming towards Master Fei, layers of ice waves like boiling water, flashing two unique aesthetic feelings that should not be compatible in this dark space. The air around him is getting hotter and hotter, and the pale blue water curtain is showing signs of breaking in this hot temperature. No way, Master Fei looked at the crumbling water curtain in front of him, and could only move his mind slightly, shooting his own aura into the water curtain, so that the water curtain was restored to a full state again. In the sky, Chen Feng, who had scattered all the water columns, stood in the void, his eyes slightly closed, sensing the situation in the array. When Chen Feng saw Master Fei’s water tube wave, he could not help sighing in his heart. It seemed that his cultivation was still too weak. Think of this, Chen Feng can not help but wry smile,gold cil machine, time has passed a year, but he has always been stuck in the state of Dzogchen, do not know when to really step into the state of Jiedan. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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