Ruya’s helicoid is red: “Isn’t it the sewage that splashes the sky?”? Said the prince of Zhao and guigong have private. In Sichuan, the Prince of Zhao got Gui Palace first. Gui palace with Zhao king camp in the tent for many days. Later They even had a private meeting in the temple. During the emperor’s Northern Expedition, he looked like a Mandarin duck, and even the old minister could not bear to see it. There’s more. I can’t say it. I nodded. Yes, a Zhou’s rejection of Cui Xining from a famous family is the best proof of our “love”. They not only want to hurt him, but also take me with them. He is the closest to the position of “Emperor Taidi”, and I, a girl of the Southern Dynasty, am also one step away from the “Queen”. I drew a ball of ink on the rice paper, and I was very angry. A Zhou met me first, and I followed him to live together in the military camp. Later, we met in the temple. When we were guarding Chang’an together, we also had hugs and soliloquies. But it’s not as dirty as they think. Fortunately, we did not really cross the line in the past, otherwise the eyes of the spy would not have let us go long ago. Ruya tried to figure out my expression and asked, “Sister, have you lost something valuable?” “Jade Swallow,” I said as I shaped my lips. He suddenly stood up. “Huh?”? “This matter should be given to the emperor as soon as possible.” I pinched his sleeve and wrote, “I’ve said it.” He bit his lip and said, “Sister, it is said that at the banquet where the Prince of Zhao and Cui Xining became sworn brothers and sisters, the Prince of Zhao was drunk.”. When he left his seat,plastic bottle making machine, many officials saw a jade swallow fall from the cushion of the Prince of Zhao. I thought it was nonsense. It turned out to be true. I gasped. Jade swallow is in a Zhou’s place? I thought about it calmly for a moment, grabbed Ruya, and quickly wrote, “I didn’t leak the secret for several days after the theft, and I didn’t tell the emperor until after the assassination.”. Even if the prince of Zhao and I are private, how can we brazenly present the jade swallow, the treasure of the empire. He stole it from me and fell from the arms of the unconscious Prince of Zhao. Framed, framed,water filling machine, framed. I wrote three false accusations in a row and threw the pen hard. The ink spilled on the cat’s head. The cat screamed and ran away. Ruya’s face was red. He looked around and said, “Sister, don’t worry about yuan Wu any more.”. The emperor is wise, but there are precedents for capriciousness. Besides. The residence of the Prince of Zhao was surrounded by the imperial guards the night before yesterday. I stared at my graffiti, and my eyes were black, and I couldn’t chew it. Why did yuan Tianhuan surround a Zhou’s palace? I repeatedly recalled yuan Tianhuan’s smile, and his words did not seem like he was going to attack Ah Zhou. Can it be said that.. He is to protect a Zhou, or. He’s trying to lure the snake out of its hole? Holding Ruya’s wrist in my left hand, I wrote to him, “The heart of the emperor is unfathomable, but I believe he is a wise king.”. I should be careful to handle the matter with the Prince of Zhao. “Good,” sighed Ruya. Now Zhao is not, the soldiers are confused, I have several jobs, have to take care of. The elder sister is still wounded, water filling machine ,juice filling machine, not anxious not slowly, just see the legacy of Emperor Wu Xian. He turned back and put the ivory ball in his sleeve. “I’d better put this away.”. People in the palace are the best at making trouble out of nothing. Afternoon, Mrs. Luo came to see me, I put away the look of frustration, leisurely leaning on the collapse, listening to her words. Mrs. Luo doesn’t know my mother’s secret, does she? I thought anxiously. But she’s the emperor’s wet nurse, and there’s always something to hear. She looked at me and said, “I haven’t seen the Gui Palace for two months. The Gui Palace is even more elegant.”. Dong Zhao told me about your rescue this time. The emperor ordered Dong Zhao to stay in the palace of Chang’an to assist in the marriage. When your wound is healed, you should live in the Taiji Palace. Apart from the founding Empress Murong, the emperors and empresses of our Dynasty have not lived together in harmony for hundreds of years. I hope what the female physiognomist said will come true. What else did the physiognomist say? I looked at Mrs. Luo curiously. She wouldn’t know the secret I shared with yuan Tianhuan. Mrs. Luo’s slightly numb face also showed a smile: “Well, I think the emperor will not say to Gui Gong.”. When the emperor was childless, the female physiognomist said, “The princess of the Southern Dynasty is not only a dragon and phoenix with you, but also looks like a boy. She must be able to conceive a dragon son.” I hung my head and saw that the back of my plump hand was peachy, groping unconsciously on the mattress. Things like that are too far away. Female physiognomist, there will always be miscalculation, I suddenly put the back of the hot hand on the face. Come to think of it, if yuan Tianhuan could have a son, wouldn’t many problems be solved? For the empire, this is politics of the first order.
Marriage is politics. It’s not me, it’s him. My face is also hot, yuan Tianhuan’s dark eyes, shallow smile vortex, as if in front of me, I no longer feel depressed and afraid at that moment. No matter what kind of false accusation, yuan Tianhuan can see clearly, he has long mentioned in a Zhou drunk, said that “he was drugged.”. When Mrs. Luo still wanted to speak, she saw a maid at the door saying in a panic, “Mrs. Luo, the situation over there is not good..” As I concentrated, Mrs. Luo shouted, “How dare you? How dare you make a noise in front of Gui Gong.”. Wait for me to come out. She said to me in awe, “Gui Palace, there is an important concubine of the late emperor in Yeting who is seriously ill.”. My concubine, excuse me. The emperor will come to see you after dinner. Mrs. Luo hardly mentioned a word about things inside and outside the palace, and I couldn’t find out anything. I closed my eyes with my clothes on and dozed off in a daze. When I realized it, I heard the north wind blowing, like an ambush on all sides. The wind is so strong that it looks like another blizzard. A maid of honor said loudly. The winter days are short and the sky is dark. I quietly walked to the door, between the corridors and the corner of the hall, the palace ladies were in a hurry to light the palace lanterns, and the lamp holders whirled and danced in the wind. Suddenly there was hope in my heart, with the reddish lights in the lamp gauze. May this be the last blizzard before spring. The seedlings will grow in the spring. I used some porridge in a hurry and waited for yuan Tianhuan to come, but he didn’t come either. The rainstorm, accompanied by heavy snow, came with a ferocious look. The rain rumbled, the casement was shaken, and when the rain stopped,liquid bottle filling machine, the wind and snow raged. “Your Highness, the emperor may not be able to come in such a heavy snow,” she said at the top of her voice. The maidservant will wait on you and go to bed first. 。 gzxilinear.com

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