We should be in pursuit right now. Zhamuhe did not understand why Danchal was busy leaving. Child. I’m afraid I’m hurt more than he is. It’s in the shaft. Danchal’s face was a little livid. He lost a move to me. But I’m going to lose my life to him. Now I’m afraid my time is running out to add to my injuries. As he spoke,Rotating sludge scraper,lamella clarifer,Mechanical fine screen, fine bubble diffuser , a trace of blood flowed from the corners of his mouth. Father Zha Muhe is also a little anxious. In his eyes,multi disc screw press, his father should be invincible. 1 year ago. Yang Li and I were attacked by them in the first World War. The injury was forced down. This time I got another punch from him. Now the old wounds are starting to come back. I’m afraid I won’t live to go back to Mulanhaizi. You come here. Danchal pulled his son to his side. Put your hand on Zha Muhe’s head. Powerful power was instilled from the top of Zhamuhe’s head. All the cultivation of Danshaer Khan in his life was poured into Zhamuhe. Remember. Please don’t announce my death. Find someone who looks like me and impersonate me. 3 years. It will take three years for you to fully master my power. Don’t fight head-on with the mountain king unless you are forced to do so. Do you remember? “The child knows.” Very good. Very good Danchal Khan, who was already very old, closed his eyes. 1.7 Thirteen marks. Brings an uneasy commotion. Thirteen arrows. Point to Sirius. The vast wilderness will become a place for people to sleep. There are only seven arrows returning to the pot. ……………………………。

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