In the future, you have already made a mistake. Mother-in-law, I can’t let you make mistakes again. Lin Fei said in a very holy tone. Soldier, escort these two prisoners to the First Medical Laboratory of Beidou Military Academy immediately. After the mother-in-law suddenly shouted in the intercom, she turned off the communicator. The biochemical soldier in the car, after hearing the order, immediately contacted the driver in front. The escort car is moving fast. Lin Fei and the female student sitting in the escort car looked at each other. Is it true what you just said, that you came back here from the future, that the future cyborg is out of control, and that you are the husband of the ripper? Returning to the past is the future to save mankind and avoid the fault of sewing up mother-in-law. “The female student was curious and surprised to ask Lin Fei.” No, I didn’t say that. In order to sew up my mother-in-law’s angry state at that time, she ordered us to be killed directly. Lin Fei said. So what do we do now? There are biochemical soldiers beside him. We are about to be escorted to the suture mother-in-law, and we can’t run away at all. When you get to the sewing mother-in-law, can you still cheat her? The female student asked Lin Fei. These biochemical soldiers are just the experimental objects in the early stage of sewing up mother-in-law. They have not been upgraded yet, and they are not perfect. These biochemical soldiers will only accept instructions to complete the task, now as long as you and I do not run away, these biochemical soldiers will not attack us. You quickly use the wristwatch communicator to contact the Tianlong Federation Military. Since the sew-up mother-in-law has known about the video,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the Tianlong Federation Military should also get the news. You tell the Tianlong Federal Military that we are the people who play the video. We have been captured by the sew-up mother-in-law’s biochemical army and are being sent to the Beidou Military Academy for rescue. Lin Fei said to the female student beside him. According to Lin Fei’s words, the female cadet quickly contacted the Tianlong Federal Military with the wristwatch communicator, sent the information to the past, and opened the wristwatch positioning function. Sewing mother-in-law did not take away your communicator, it is estimated that I was just made by the words of the biochemical man, the spirit of some high excitement,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, is thinking about the data of the biochemical man. Lin Fei secretly rejoiced in his heart. Then Lin Fei and the female students began to wait for a long time in the car. Is the military coming back for us? The female student asked Lin Fei. Yes, the military also wants more information from us about the sew-up bioroids. And after the video is released, let us live, so that the citizens of the Tianlong Federation can feel at ease and play a role in stabilizing the people’s hearts, but I don’t know if they are in time. Once we are admitted to the first medical school, there is no place to go, and there is only a dead end waiting for us. Now you pray that the military will act quickly. Lin Fei answered. Chapter three hundred and ninety ripper woman is a weakness. The convoy escorting Lin Fei and the female cadets is driving fast on the Big Dipper. After driving for more than one hour, suddenly, the escort car began to shake violently, and there was a “boom” explosion outside the car. There was a continuous sound of “bumping” missiles launching and destroying vehicles. The back door of the escort car where Lin Fei and the female cadets were suddenly opened, and the biochemical soldiers in the car began to transform. Under the gaze of Lin Fei and the female cadets, the original normal human appearance of the biochemical fighters, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, their muscles began to swell, their clothes were burst by the explosion of muscles, and their eyes began to turn out of the blood-red light, the eyeballs became red. These biochemical soldiers quickly picked up the missile launchers and other weapons beside them and jumped out of the back door of the open car. Lin Fei and the female cadets saw through the back of the open car that in the distance behind the convoy, a small warship of the Tianlong Federation was suspended in the sky, but dozens of mecha were catapulting out of the warship and flying quickly to the convoy of biochemical warriors. Shall we run out, too, Lin Fei? Great, help is coming. The female student said to Lin Fei beside her. Do you want to die? We’re handcuffed and shackled. How can we jump out of the car. And you could get killed by a grenade if you run out. Sewing mother-in-law’s instructions to Bionicle Soldier should not allow us to escape from this escort vehicle. There’s a war going on outside, and when the Feds kill the Bionicle, they’ll come and rescue us, and the safest place to be right now is in this transport, here. Federation firepower won’t attack here, and bioweapon won’t attack us. Lin Fei said to the female student beside him.
The battle outside continues, and the battleship’s firepower has been turned on, destroying the artillery vehicles that the bioweapons are resisting. Hundreds of bionic soldiers, carrying missile launchers, laser cannons and other weapons, ran and fired quickly on the ground. But with the arrival of more than a dozen mecha, the bioweapons, who only rely on heavy weapons to resist, even if their muscles are swollen and they move quickly. It is also constantly punctured and gasified by the laser machine gun of the mecha. Soon, the entire biochemical soldier convoy, in addition to Lin Fei and two female cadets, all the biochemical people, were killed by the federal military. The escort vehicle holding Lin Fei and the female cadet was dragged directly by the arm of a mecha driven by a federal soldier. After destroying the power system, the escort vehicle stopped. Lin Fei looked at the battlefield. More than a dozen mecha, only in the face of biochemical convoy, lost seven, but also the cockpit was destroyed by heavy fire, the pilot died on the spot. From the Union ship, another small aircraft flew out. It stopped directly at the back door of the escort car where Lin Fei and the female cadets were detained. Four soldiers stepped down quickly from the small aircraft and entered the escort vehicle. After the four Union soldiers took a look at Lin Fei and the female cadets, only two of them, holding the heads and feet of Lin Fei and the female cadets, moved directly onto the small aircraft. The small aircraft flew back to the battleship quickly. The rest of the mecha, leaving the seven damaged mecha alone, powered up, sped,ultrasonic handheld welder, and flew back to the battleship. After receiving the mecha and aircraft, the small warship began to take off rapidly. When Lin Fei and the female cadets were rescued into the battleship. Two female medical soldiers came forward with laser cutters and cut the anklets and handcuffs for Lin Fei and the female cadets. Subsequently, Lin Fei and the female cadets were escorted by more than ten heavily armed soldiers to the main control room of the small warship of the Tianlong Federation.

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