“On the Internet?” Lian night has been talking at the same time, in his mind the rapid analysis of the information just taken out from the underground laboratory, for a moment did not react to come over, stupefied for a moment, only to understand that Lin Lingyi said is Li Huiru made those movements, indifferent to say, “shrimp just, do not need to care.”. They’re just talking about the University of South Florida, but don’t underestimate the level of Sherlock Holmes among netizens. Lin Lingyi didn’t quite understand, but he was used to trusting her unconditionally, so he didn’t ask any more questions. When he hid his figure and manipulated Du Yongcheng to the front area, the network connection was restored, and he understood what Lian Wan had said. The University of South Svora keeps a low profile, but it is not without a little reputation. If you want to check, you can still find a lot of relevant information. It’s just that Li Huiru is usually ignorant, and Xiao Zhang doesn’t understand academia at all. As soon as he sees that the school has no name at all in the world rankings, he decides that it’s a pheasant, and he won’t check much. But there are always some netizens who are not so easy to fool. As expected, they dig out a lot of things. The most popular micro-blog under the current topic seems to be an interview video they dug out a year ago. The interviewee is Franklin, a well-known theoretical physicist in the world today. At the beginning of the video,Ceramic Bobbin, he first popularizes his achievements, and then gets down to business. Franklin speaks in English, but some kind-hearted netizens have added subtitles. He spoke with a smile on his face and a look of longing and regret in his eyes: “The University of South Svoort Andorra?”? That’s the white moonlight in my mind. I have written many letters of application, hoping to visit their laboratories, but unfortunately they have been rejected. Dr. Cooper, Researcher Michel, and Dr. Lin at their school are all very outstanding scientists,10g Ozone Generator, and I’ve always wanted to work with them, but unfortunately they seem to be a little cold. Lin Lingyi:.. Not Gao Leng, because these people are all aliases, of course, she can not respond to Franklin. In addition to the video, some people listed the papers published by the researchers of this school over the years, each of which was published in English core journals, covering a wide range of topics, but the common point is that they are highly cited. As soon as the video came out, Li Huiru’s image of graduating from a pheasant university, which she had painstakingly created, broke down. Instead, she attracted a wave of fans and even had a fan club. Netizens are really convinced: [So this school … … Is it a setting like a sweeping monk? Kind of awesome] So the public persona of this wave of beauty and straight A students is actually true? Pink [pink] [Actually, I’m still curious about the hacker who can hack Weibo.] Damn it, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic bobbin element, someone found out that this hacker is the lightning man of Wi-Fi door some time ago! Is the world so small? [Mom, yeah! I’m starting to think about the same thing. This Nance University, didn’t it say that it only recruited two students? One is Lian Nian, could the other be lightning? Younger Martial Sister of the same school was blackened, and Elder Martial Brother became a beauty in anger. This candy is a little easy to knock. At the bottom of this popular microblog, there was even a uniform reply of “Jiao Wen does not kill”. Lin Lingyi was speechless for a while. Maybe he did not expect that the public opinion would develop like this, not to mention Li Huiru, who was angry over there. Xiao Zhang, who has always been calm and comfortable, finally changed his face: “Oh, the material we used to expose has been dug out together, and the fans of those stars have begun to attack us.” “Fans are just cursing. What are they afraid of?” “Young lady, you can not look down upon their fighting capacity, has always been not inferior to the water army, not to mention the fans of so many stars, once these numbers are stripped out of our company, and then used by our company, it will certainly affect the company’s listing next month.” “What?” The listing of the company is a major event, if it is affected, even Li Huiru can not explain to her father. She thought she was using the power of her family to punish people, but she didn’t expect such a result.
Li Huiru clenched her fists and her voice trembled a little: “No matter what method you use, this fire must not burn on the group!” “It’s too late, young lady. The chairman called and asked you to go home immediately.” Li Huiru bit her lip and finally had some fear of getting into trouble, but she took a deep breath and comforted herself in her heart. Her father had only one daughter, and scolded her at most. What else could he do with her? On the other side, Lian Wan and Lin Yiyi have already controlled all the human doctors in the Internet Ring Center. Halfway through, she happened to see a monster coming up and asked Du Yongcheng to prepare another batch of test objects. She controlled the monster with a backhand, injected a trace of electromagnetic wave, controlled him, and borrowed his hand to bring all the researchers in the underground laboratory under control. It’s just that this move is quite big, and several days have passed since all the follow-up arrangements were made. I studied all the data from the underground lab, and they were developing something that could make humans reflexively hate the Internet by discharging electricity. Now they have only achieved the goal of electrifying some people once, and their ultimate goal should be to electrify all human beings at one time. After a pause, Lian said, “In order to make the people above them not aware of the changes here, I will let them continue to do the experiment, but the subjects of the experiment are Du Yongcheng.”. Lin Lingyi, do you think I will be a little cruel? Lin Lingyi said earnestly, “It’s just giving him a taste of his own medicine.” “Have you noticed that, according to human beings, we actually have some wrong views?” Lian night smiled, but this time did not wait for Lin to answer, “but it doesn’t matter, I am willing to go.”. Human law can’t cure these scum, so I’ll do it for you. Then she held out her hand to Lin,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, palm up: “Let’s go. Put this side here in advance. We should go back to B city.” Lin Yiyi took her hand and said, “Did you go to the base you tracked that day?” “No, go to the place where the back door is first.” “Candle Group Headquarters?” “Yes.” 。

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