Empress Dowager Gao took several young ladies to the imperial garden to enjoy the first plum blossoms. She first chatted with the young ladies about their daily life, and then began to set questions to test their knowledge. Pang Di thought quickly, often the queen mother’s voice did not fall has said the answer, to the later, almost only heard her two questions and answers, the rest of the women simply can not get a word in, the queen mother’s attitude to her is more and more kind. In the middle of enjoying the flowers, the Empress Dowager suddenly said to a maid beside her, “The plum blossoms are in full bloom today. Go and ask the King of Qi to come and enjoy them together.” The maid of honor answered and left. He returned in a moment and replied, “His Royal Highness, the King of Qi, said that he had to prepare a memorial to the emperor today, but he probably couldn’t come.” The Empress Dowager shook her head and sighed, “How could this child be so crazy?” Then he gave the girls some clothes and ordered the eunuchs to send them home. When Pang Di returned home, he told his father about the situation in the palace. Pang Gong hesitated for a moment and then said, “Yes!”! The queen mother wanted to choose a successor for the king of Qi. King Qi, like Emperor Shenzong, was a direct descendant of Empress Yingzong Gao. Empress Dowager Gao had four sons. The eldest son was the present emperor Zhao Xu. The third son, Yan, died when he was very young. The youngest son was the king of Le’an County, and the king of Qi was his second son. The princess of the king of Qi was also a talented woman from a famous family, but she passed away this year. The king of Qi was very sad and depressed, so the queen mother Gao wanted to choose a talented person from the ladies of a famous family to be his successor. Judging from the present situation,interactive panels for education, the queen mother is obviously very interested in Pang Di. But pang Gong is by no means a general vassal, was not carried away by the sudden glory, but repeatedly weigh the pros and cons, feel the door into a deep sea, if the daughter of the king of qi in the future must be very desolate situation, and the king of qi and Shenzong as a legitimate son, is the second son of Ying Zong, from the blood relationship point of view,touch screen board classroom, in addition to the emperor from the nearest imperial power is him, this represents the supreme honor, But it can also be deadly. At present, the emperor was bent on political reform, regardless of the opposition of his courtiers. If there were courtiers under oppression, they would probably instigate the king of Qi to rebel, because the king of Qi was not only young and promising, but also had the most outstanding literary talent and martial arts among the younger brothers of the emperor, and had a firm attitude against political reform. If this is the case, it will inevitably lead to a bloody killing, and there are numerous examples in history, which will endanger not only the daughter. So Pang Gong made a prompt decision and agreed to the proposal of the Wangs before the Empress Dowager Gao formally chose the imperial concubine. In the late spring of the following year, Pang Di married into the royal family in a bridal sedan chair, and became the bride of the gifted scholar Wang Jian. On the night of the candle, Pang Di sat faintly, gazing at the flames dancing on the dragon and phoenix candles on the table through the gauze veil, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smart board whiteboard, and his heart was as nervous as the two fireworks, dancing in disorder with the light and shadow reflected on the wall. He really married the prime minister’s son like this. The first time I heard my father accept the betrothal gift, I was surprised and a little unhappy. Although the man was elegant and refined, he was so careless and crazy. He was arrogant from childhood, but he failed to win the upper hand in two encounters with him, which was very hateful. But come to think of it, well, he is talented, and there must be some fun in living with him, which is better than marrying a man you have never met in a muddle in the future. Just like how terrible it would have been if he hadn’t picked up the felt hat that day and it had really fallen into the hands of a peddler. It happened that he picked up the hat, which showed that he was predestined after all. With a bang, the red candle burst into a candle flower, and at the same time, someone pushed the door and came in. Her husband, her husband. Strange words, strange people. She twisted the silk scarf tightly in her hand, only to feel that the door in her heart was suddenly closed, so as to be the last barrier between her and the husband who was still a stranger. The man gently lifted the veil from her head, and she looked up in panic and looked at each other. She saw her beauty today in the eyes of her smiling husband. Close, cross the cup. Then Xi Niang and the servant girl retreated, leaving only the two of them in the room. Wang Jian stood up, went to the window and pushed it open. He said to her, “The moonlight is just right tonight. Don’t let down such a beautiful day..” Pang Di could not help being nervous again and thought to himself, “What does he want to do?” “Why don’t I play a song for my wife?” “Wang Jian took out an emerald jade flute and played it alone without waiting for her to answer.” So that’s all it is. Pang Di breathed a sigh of relief. What he played was the song “Memories of Playing the Xiao on the Phoenix Terrace”, which was melodious and melodious, and its sound was clear and clear.
Pang Di enjoyed the music carefully, and gradually got into a good situation, almost forgetting where he was. At the end of the song, Wang Jian turned to her and said, “I found this flute in the Bianjing Jiguzhai last year.”. It is said that it was used by Xiao Shi when he proposed to Qin Mu’s daughter Nongyu. Although it’s hard to tell the truth from the truth, I only like the story of the two people’s love for each other, so I paid a lot of money to buy it, and after a try, I really felt that the music was clear and different. Pang Di took a look and saw that the jade flute was warm in color, and the patterns and inscriptions on it were carved with great care. It was indeed not an ordinary product. Wang Jian suddenly smiled and continued, “Pure Brightness last year, I used this flute as a bet with someone to give orders. It was hard to find inspiration at that time. If my wife hadn’t appeared at the right time, I’m afraid I would have run out of ideas and bowed my head to admit defeat.” Hearing that he brought up the matter of Pure Brightness again, Pang Di frowned and said, “Don’t you lose if you fill out such boring words?” Wang Jian laughed and said, “Fortunately, the person who bet with me that day was not my wife. Otherwise, I would have lost all the other ten jade flutes.”. How magnanimous that man is! How could he haggle over every ounce for half a small order! Pang Di then asked, “Who is that man in black?” Wang Jian sees her very curious, do not say intentionally instead, tease: “Eh?”? How can there be a woman like you in the world who pulls her husband to ask about another man on the wedding night? Hearing what he said, Pang Di blushed and spat, “If you don’t say it, don’t say it. Who likes to know?”! It was you who deliberately led people to ask. After talking and laughing like this for a long time, Wang said softly to Pang Di, “It’s already late at night. Go to bed first.”. It suddenly occurred to me that I had something important to tell my father. I’ll be back soon. Then he got up and went out. Pang Di sat alone for a long time,interactive digital whiteboard, and when he saw that he had not returned, he undressed and lay down, but only took off the outside red clothes. hsdsmartboard.com

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