Li Shuang is angry, although usually very little, but really crazy, more terrible than really crazy. In fact, in the Wendong meeting, Chen Baicheng’s most scruple is Xie Wendong, followed by the cool brother. You have no reason to talk with him at all, nor can you explain clearly. He does things according to his temperament and his own preferences, indiscriminately. This kind of person is the most dangerous. Like right now. Chen Baicheng to Li Shuang dare to detonate the grenade here, he has no bottom in his heart, because with Li Shuang’s character, there is absolutely this possibility. Once Li Shuang detonated the grenade, the string of grenades on his body would explode, and then it was estimated that no one in the office would survive. He showed half of his head from behind his three eyes and stammered, “Brother Shuang, I have something to discuss. Put down the grenade first.” It’s better for him not to speak. This speech drew Li Shuang’s attention. Li Shuang looked at him and shouted, “Say!”! Are you playing tricks on this? Chen Baicheng swallowed and spat, how could he answer that! He secretly took out a pistol, with three eyes as a cover, aimed the muzzle at Li Shuang’s head, in the face, but did not show, repeatedly shook his head: “No.” No! How can this have anything to do with me?! Brother Shuang, you misunderstood. “*** you a!” Li Shuang shook his hand and smashed the grenade into Chen Baicheng’s head. The latter looked, gave a strange cry, and lay on the ground with his head in his arms. After a while,inflatable bounce house with slide, he did not hear the explosion. He looked up and saw that the grenade had landed not far from him, but it had not opened the fuse. In full view of the public, he was frightened by Li Shuang like this, he was ashamed and angry, raised his hand to shoot. Suddenly, three eyes opened his mouth and said: “Old Fat, this has nothing to do with you, you go out!” Li Shuang did not see the gun in Chen Baicheng’s hand, but three eyes could see that Qiangzi had already caught Chen Baicheng’s way,large inflatable water slide, and he could no longer watch Li Shuang die tragically under the muzzle of Chen Baicheng. I’m not going! Li Shuang shook his big head, grabbed the grenade on his body with both hands, and shouted: “If I don’t make it clear today, I won’t say anything!” Just as he was talking, a younger brother outside ran in, took a look at Li Shuang first, and then said in a hurry: “There are a large number of Tiger Hall personnel outside rushing in, Cheng..” Brother Three Eyes, what shall we do? Originally, the tiger cousins who were arranged by Li Shuang outside the branch gate heard the explosion coming from the building, thought Li Shuang was in danger, and rushed in one by one. Li Shuang’s character is impulsive, and his recruits are like him. If one person comes out to take the lead, others will follow. Three eyes startled in the heart, two eyes stare round, loudly shouted: “Li Shuang!” Li Shuang was startled and gaped at the three eyes. Three eyes cold way: “I let you go back, you did not hear it?”? Take your men and go home! Seeing that the three eyes were really angry, Li Shuang was a little confused. He said in a low voice, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable outdoor park, “I want to see Qiangzi. I don’t believe you killed Qiangzi. I just want to see him!” “I repeat, Hadron is dead!” Three eyes said firmly: “You give me out, don’t fool around here!” ” “Nonsense?” Li Shuang said in a daze, “Qiangzi has already been killed by you, but you still say I’m fooling around..” “Get out!” Three eyes shouted and pointed outside the door. Li Shuang wiped away his tears. His stubborn temper came up again. He breathed heavily and said, “What if I just don’t go?” “From now on, you will no longer be my brother,” said Three Eyes coldly. As soon as Li Shuang heard this, as if he had been struck by lightning, his whole body shook and he asked incredulously, “You..” You don’t even recognize me as a brother? Three eyes do not go too far, do not look at Li Shuang that surprised, painful, confused eyes glued together, sink a track: “I just let you leave!” ” Li Shuang stared at the three eyes for a long time, nodded, with tears in his eyes, and said: “OK, OK, I’ll go!” As he spoke, he took two steps back, turned sharply, and ran out crying. Chen Baicheng looked on happily, raised his thumb and praised him: “Brother Three Eyes is very good at dealing with such a simple-minded person with well-developed limbs, ha ha!” He proudly looked up and laughed, completely forgetting that he had just been frightened by Li Shuang.
When Li Shuang left the branch, he saw his brother and the guards of the Dragon Hall squeezing together and tearing each other. He wiped away his tears. Without saying anything, he stepped forward, stretched out his hands into the crowd, and then pushed hard on both sides. With a crash, all the people in front of him were forced to stagger back to both sides and let you out of a passage. A0, who is your a? Push what? The Longtang personnel who were pushed away by Li Shuang stood firm and turned around to scold one by one. When it was clear that it was Li Shuang and he saw the string of grenades on his body, he was so frightened that he stuck out his tongue secretly and dared not say any more. Brother Shuang, are you all right? Seeing Li Shuang coming out, the brothers of Hutang rushed up and looked at him with concern, seeing that he was injured. Li Shuang sniffed, waved his hand confusedly and said, “I’m fine!”! Let’s go! With that, he went into the car. Until he sat in the car, he did not believe that Gao Qiang was dead, especially his third hand. Not to mention that Gao Qiang will not rebel, even if he really rebelled, three eyes will not kill him, ah, the big deal is to arrest him and wait for Dongge to come back to deal with it. Also, today’s three eyes are not normal, even do not recognize their own brother. And Chen Baicheng, today his attitude towards the three eyes is not the same as usual, when he pulls the grenade, he does not protect the three eyes, but hides behind the three eyes. In short, everything is not normal today. There must be something wrong with it! Li Shuang was aware of it, but for a moment he could not say what was wrong, and he was so confused that he scratched his head. Although Li Shuang is a rough man, at the critical moment, he is also rough and fine. Brother Shuang, shall we go home? One of his men asked in a low voice. Nope Li Shuang took a deep breath and said,Inflatable water park factory, “Go to the Law Enforcement Hall!” He couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but he knew who could help him sort it out. Zhang Yanjiang’s mind is much more flexible than his, which Li Shuang agrees with 100%.

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