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Wang asked someone to fetch his clothes and help Xuan put them on one by one. He whispered to him, “Xuan is not sleepy, and my aunt is not sleepy either.”. Shall we get dressed and go out to play? “Good.” Brother Xuan’s eyes sparkled and he said to Wang, “I want to watch the little people fight.” “Hm?” Wang did not understand and went to look at the wet nurse beside him. Niu Xiaocao said with a smile, “Young master has a box of wooden little people. He always plays with them alone.” Wang Shi rubbed Xuan’s soft hair and said, “Auntie is playing with Xuan.” Linger stood beside Wang, feeling sad. Madame likes children so much, and she is kind and gentle, and God has no eyes. It is said that the old lady Liao is a master of gynecology, hurry to let the lady pregnant with a child, Hou Fu’s life can also be better. Old Mrs. Chen will not always make things difficult. Wang Shi accompanied brother Xuan to play with the wooden little man for a while. After breakfast, I came to pay my respects to Old Lady Wang. Liao’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Qian of the big house, led their children, and Bai Xue all arrived. Mother Brother Xuan didn’t see Wang Shujuan all night and stretched out his little hand to hug her. Wang Shujuan took her son and kissed him twice. Wang asked,side impact door beams, “Second Sister, did Brother Xuan cry at night?” “No, he’s very good.” Wang smiled and went to see brother Xuan. “He’s very good.” After drinking a cup of hot tea, Wang Chenyu said to his mother, “I’m going to go out of the house today. The little Lord of the Wu family sent me an invitation to enjoy the plum blossoms.” Qian Shi “oh”, just want to promise,aluminium coated steel tube, but see snow white is teasing Xuan elder brother to play. She had an idea: “Your cousin is idle at home is also idle, left and right is also plum blossom.”. You can take her with you to relax. “Mother!” Wang Chenyu pursed his thin lips. Mother’s intention is simply. “I don’t..” Bai Xue’s words had just begun, and Mrs. Wang interrupted: “I also feel good. Appreciating plum blossoms and snow is what young people do, and it is also lively when there are many people.” The eldest daughter-in-law’s action was just to her liking. The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: 23 bottles of 27428371, 5 bottles of Datougui, 4 bottles of Xiangci; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! 、56 Snow White’s temples were throbbing, and her grandmother and aunt were going to set them up by force! She turned to look at her mother and wanted her to say a few words for herself. Avoid the matter of going to Wu’s house to enjoy plum blossoms with Wang Chenyu. After all, the mother is the one who knows her mind. Wang was eager for his mother and sister-in-law to do so, and how could he stop them? She didn’t see her daughter’s request for help, but pretended not to see it. Sister Xue is still young and mentally immature. Sometimes it takes a push from the grown-ups. When she’s a few years older, precision welded tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, she’ll figure it out. The meaning of Mrs. Wang and Qian could not be more obvious. If Liao and Wang Shujuan still don’t understand, they are fools. Wang Shujuan looked back and forth at Bai Xue and Wang Chen. Her nephew was handsome and outstanding, and her niece was beautiful and moving. The more she looked at her, the more she felt that she was a good match. She smiled and said, “Sister Xue, I only love the nobility and integrity of plum blossoms.”. When you go to the Wu family, how about breaking off a few branches for me and bringing them back? Since it was a happy and popular thing, she didn’t mind adding a handful of dry wood. Snow White smiled bitterly. A roomful of people are looking this way, as a matter of course, it should be so. She knows what to say. She didn’t want to go to the Wu family, although there was a reason for Wang Chen. It’s more about the karma of past lives. In the Wu family, he suffered all his life, was insulted and bullied all his life, and was poisoned to death. In such a place, it is not too much to say that I hate it deeply. She didn’t know what it would be like to see Wu Wenjing in the Wu family? I can’t guarantee that I can control my emotions when I meet familiar people. When Mrs. Wang saw that her grandson was silent, she told the steward of her house to prepare two carriages. Guards, maids and women were sent to follow them. If you read all day, you won’t be afraid to wear out your brain. As soon as she made the final decision, she said to Wang Chenyu, “Go. It’s good to be loose and healthy.”.
” Wang Mingchan vaguely guessed his brother’s intention. Seeing that he was so embarrassed, he could not bear it: “Grandmother, why don’t I go to the Wu family to enjoy the plum blossoms?”? Like my aunt, I also love the nobility and integrity of plum blossom. I can also fold some plum branches for my aunt to insert into the vase. Sister Xue is a good girl, and she is also suitable for her brother. But my brother didn’t agree. You can’t force a cow to press its head without drinking water. Wang Shujuan was amused by her niece’s garrulous words. Before she came back, she heard that Sister Chan was lively and a happy fruit in the family. It’s better to meet than to be famous. You? Break the plum branch and insert the vase. Your sister Xue can do it all by herself. You don’t need to add to the confusion. Without waiting for Mrs. Wang to open her mouth, Qian rejected it directly: “Follow me well to learn housekeeping at home. I’m not even skilled in dialing the abacus. I still want to go out to play.” “I didn’t.” Wang Mingchan stuck out his tongue. She looked sympathetically at her brother and dared not speak. Things have come to this point, and it is very difficult to change. Snow White had to go out with Wang Chen, thinking of finding an opportunity to make it clear to him. Cousin’s idea should be the same as hers. Otherwise, you won’t have to do it with a face. The carriages had been hitched up, one behind the other, and were waiting outside the gates of the Wangs. Wang Chen took the boy to the carriage in front of him, while Bai Xue took Qiuju’s hand and stepped on the step stool to board the one behind him. The Wu family is located in Fengqing Hutong, and the distance from the Wang family is one south of the city and one north of the city. The carriage ran through the four south streets to the west, and the busy houses and streets on both sides receded rapidly. On the way, Qiuju talked to Snow White. Miss,side impact beams, your face looks very bad. Is it because you are not feeling well? Snow shook her head and folded her hands in her lap. She was getting closer and closer to the Wu family, and she had mixed feelings. …… If you really don’t want to go to the Wu family, we can find a reason to discuss with the young master and go somewhere else. “It’s all right.” Bai Xue heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s it.” 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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