In addition, the base of the software park must be made by boss Fu, and it is not just the base of the software park. In the past few days when Liu Qing entered the source, Fu Yi and Jin Daya also came together thoroughly. There may be a reason for this, oppression, a kind of oppression in strength. So let these two people, have to be completely in cahoots to unite. After the two men United, they completely tore the face before. Naturally, they want to completely control Yu Yun Street and subdue all the survivors, and their means are particularly ruthless. Those who refuse to obey are basically all killed. Faced with the joint forces of Fu Yi and Jin Daya, Yu Yun Street simply did not have a survivor station to resist. At the very beginning, Ren Dongxi also tried to unite several other medium survivors to resist Fu Yi. But when Ren Dongxi was defeated by Fu Yi and Jin Daya, more than half of the alliance was killed. Since then,30ml Dropper Bottle, no survivor camp has dared to speak out. As a result, Fu Yi and Fu Yi recovered very quickly these days, and a large number of survivors in Yuyun Street had already submitted to them. But there are still many people who know the evil deeds of Fu Yi and Jin Daya. And those who are farther away have not yet submitted to them. Bloomberg’s parking lot is one of them. However, Fu Yi’s people have come to persuade him, although he was dismissed by Bloomberg. But everyone knows very well in their hearts that they are just holding a little bit of luck. The final result is clear to everyone. Liu Qing also finally understood why Peng Bo was so vigilant about asking for directions. But Liu Qing was suddenly stunned,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and a chill arose spontaneously. Because Liu Qing found a very strange thing, time. “Uncle Peng, when did Fu Yi and Jin Daya begin to unite?” Liu Qing seemed to ask casually, but his eyebrows were furrowed and his expression was particularly serious. Uh Bloomberg thought a little, but he quickly remembered the problem that everyone knows about Yuyun Street: “About four or five days ago, their methods were very cruel and fierce, just four or five days..” Liu Qing did not listen to Bloomberg’s words at all. Because at this time, Liu Qing’s mind is completely blank. Liu Qing clearly remembered that he had only been in the source for about two days, and would never exceed three days. Liu Qing repeatedly confirmed this in his own mind. But in the end, Blue Bottle Serum ,glass cream jars, this is the result. But on the day when Liu Qing entered the source, he had just defeated Fu Yi and Jin Daya. Even if Fu Yi and Jin Daya United on that day, it could only have been two or three days ago. Bloomberg was still talking about Fu Yi’s actions in the past few days, but Liu Qing interrupted him: “Uncle Peng, I wonder if you know about the treasure snatching in the food city some time ago?” Despite being interrupted by Liu Qing, Bloomberg did not look angry at all. Because Liu Qing’s question was just above his interest: “Yes, of course I know.”. Which of the survivors of Yuyun Street didn’t know about this? I heard that the battle that day was earth-shaking. And that battle happened just a week ago. Young man, you don’t know that three legendary powers appeared that day, and one of them. “One of them was a young man in his early twenties. I heard that the young man had two abilities that day.”. They all use several mysterious cards, and those magical abilities are activated through these cards. See that young ability person, first a card wave, summoned a very strange wolf. Yu Le suddenly came in and interrupted Bloomberg, spitting and saying excitedly to Liu Qing. It felt as if he had seen it with his own eyes. Yu Le wantonly told the well-known story of Yu Yun Street, but Liu Qing’s thoughts had already flown thousands of miles. The time doesn’t seem to be right. The time of the source does not seem to match the time of the earth. To be precise, the time of the earth is about three times faster than the time of the earth. Because Liu Qing clearly remembered that he had gone from fighting for the casting platform to entering the source, and from the source to the present.
I stayed here for two or three days, but now it’s really a week later. Why is this happening? Although there are other planes in the source, aren’t they still on the earth? As Baa Baa clearly said before, those are just the plane territories of other planes coming to Earth’s plane. Relativity of time? Interlaced space?.. Liu Qing found that his brain seemed to be really not enough. Earth? What’s going on. Or what happened to the universe.. Finally Liu Qing asked Baa Baa, but Baa Baa gave two words-plane! Why on earth does all this exist. Liu Qing sniffed and smiled. The sky was falling down and there were tall people on top of it. There are so many people on Earth, and there are so many people on those planes. More powerful than the flow of green too much, time to kill, ah, they are not already know all this. Hitler, isn’t he much more powerful than Liu Qing. Liu Qing is just a small potato. Although Liu Qing comforted himself like this, there was always a lingering feeling in Liu Qing’s heart that could not be erased. Yu Le didn’t notice that Liu Qing’s expression was still talking. Of course, Liu Qing was just confused in his mind. The expression on the surface was very calm: “You can’t imagine the ending, the young man with ability.”. With the strength of one person, he defeated two other powerful people. That young man of ability, really, is too strong! After the last sentence,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, Liu Qing saw endless adoration from Yu Le’s eyes. Bloomberg looked at Yu Le and just smiled. Who doesn’t worship the strong? Besides, he is a young man as old as Yu Le. And Bloomberg knows that the young strong man has left an indelible shadow in many people’s hearts. If that young strong man is still there, then there is no such action as Fu Yi and Jin Daya.

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