Such a distance is not enough for Du Muyan, but he can also feel a little satisfied. Smelling her fresh and pleasant smell, his mouth raised a smile that seemed to be satisfied and crazy. It would be nice if this journey never stopped. When the taxi stopped, Du Muyan suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the taxi driver with hostile eyes. The driver who was turning his head to collect the fare was stared at by Du Muyan. He was so excited that he had a chill on his back, but in the blink of an eye, the feeling disappeared again. Du Muyan paid the fare before Qin Xuanxuan and smiled at the driver. “Master, you’re driving very fast. You don’t need to change the money.” “Thank you!” The driver happily took the money and took the chill of the moment as his illusion. With the help of Qin Xuanxuan, Du Muyan arrived at the hospital hall. Looking at Qin Xuanxuan running back and forth to queue up for his registration, Du Muyan’s eyes were soft, showing a dreamy smile. See, Du Muyan? Your Xuanxuan is worried about you, just because you are busy. Be patient, let her fall in love with you, let her be willing to be your person. Suddenly, the girl’s eyes of hatred and blood all over her body flashed through her mind, and the smile at the corners of Du Muyan’s mouth stagnated and she gasped twice. No, he won’t let that happen again.. He has to be calm, he has to be patient. Yes, only need temporary patience, he can get her, he can not be too impatient. By the time Qin Xuanxuan came to help Du Muyan up again, he had regained his previous gentleness and thanked her in a polite tone. Miss Qin,Pallet rack upright, today is really too much trouble for you, originally said to compensate you for a suit of clothes, did not expect to let you encounter this kind of thing. “Mr. Du, this is an accident, and no one wants it.” Qin Xuanxuan hurriedly shook his head, when the nurse came to help Du Muyan bandage the wound first, she quickly got out of the way. Looking at Du Muyan although injured, but still gentle and courteous to thank the nurse,Steel racking system, Qin Xuanxuan breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, the heart also flashed the idea that rumors really can not be fully believed. She has just joined the company for two months and is still a new person on probation, but she also learned from her colleagues that the Mingkai Building next door is the most famous enterprise in Wu City, the headquarters of Mingkai Group Co., Ltd., one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. Mingkai Building has a total of 30 floors, half of which are for Mingkai’s own use and the rest are rented to other companies. Her company, however, only rented a floor of the Tianyu Building next door, so the gap came out. Du Muyan, who founded Mingkai from scratch, is a legendary figure with a hint of mystery. He is only thirty-three years old. It is said that he dropped out of school at the age of seventeen and came out to make a living. He is a construction worker, a porter, a security guard.. He did everything, and at the age of 20, he founded Mingkai, long span shelving ,Cantilever Storage rack, a small business that could not be called a company at all, and gradually developed into today’s scale. In recent years, his ranking on the Hurun China Rich List has been getting higher and higher. Last year, he ranked 43rd with a net worth of 20 billion. His legendary name is matched by his vigorous style of doing things. Climbing and rolling from the bottom, he came out with a sense of hostility, which could only be seen from a distance. But his handsome appearance and his status as a bachelor, who is still single, have attracted many celebrities in Wu City. Think of the rumor, and then look at the man with a gentle smile in front of him, Qin Xuanxuan found that he could not match the man in the rumor with the man in front of him. Aren’t they the same person? But the name is the same, and the place where it appears is near Mingkai Building, will it be so coincidental? Qin Xuanxuan thought so, quietly took out the mobile phone on the Internet, after seeing a news report on the side of Du Muyan’s face, she gave up, understand that they are indeed the same person, but the rumors really can not be fully believed. The nurse soon bandaged the wound on Du Muyan’s forehead, and the next step was to take a film and do some routine examinations to avoid any sequelae. Qin Xuanxuan thought that his lunch break was coming, but he couldn’t say that he wanted to leave first. Holding his cell phone, he was about to call his colleague and ask her to help him ask for leave. He heard Du Muyan say, “Miss Qin, I’m all right here. You go back first.”.
” Qin Xuanxuan wanted to go back very much, but when Du Muyan said so, she felt that it was not good to leave him alone. “Mr. Du, or I’ll wait for your assistant to come and go again.” Du Muyan tried to press the impulse to nod, understanding way: “Miss Qin, it doesn’t matter.”. Otherwise, if you are not at ease, give me your mobile phone number, and I will tell you the result after checking. “All right then.” Du Muyan’s consideration let Qin Xuanxuan breathe a sigh of relief, after all, she is still in the probation period, if there is no reason to ask for leave, the impact is not good. After exchanging mobile phone numbers, Qin Xuanxuan quickly left the hospital and took a taxi back to the company. As soon as he saw Qin Xuanxuan leave, the smile on Du Muyan’s face disappeared. When the nurse with charming eyes came to help him wipe the sweat on his forehead, he stared coldly, “Get out!” Frightened by his sudden fall out, the nurse did not dare to approach him again and hid aside. Du Muyan looked down at his right hand, recalling the wonderful touch of Qin Xuanxuan’s soft skin several times, and gasped deeply. He has given her a perfect first impression, he wants to continue, that Song Qi than down, let her dump Song Qi, into his arms. Thinking of the happy place, Du Muyan raised a touch of inevitable radian at the corners of his mouth. Qin Xuanxuan hurried and finally returned to the office before the end of the lunch break. Qin Xuanxuan, why did you go out and change your clothes? Fang Panpan, who entered the company at the same time as Qin Xuanxuan, looked at her suspiciously. Qin Xuanxuan opened his mouth and finally said vaguely what happened at noon,Drive in racking system, “I was hit by someone at noon, my clothes were dirty, and they paid me a suit of clothes.” “No wonder I said why you haven’t come back for so long. I thought you were bored with your Song Qi and forgot the time.” Fang Panpan teased. omracking.com

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